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You say goodbye and I say hello

Thank you for joining me in my wine journey. I have now documented every wine trip I have taken so far in this personal wine journal. It has been a tremendous experience and an invaluable growing opportunity to visit so many countries and meet with so many talented wine producers that I can’t help but…
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February 20, 2010 0

Vale dos Vinhedos: Casa Valduga

Casa Valduga was one of the first Brazilian wineries to make sparkling wines in the method champenoise. The Valduga family arrived in Bento Goncalves in the late 19th Century and soon begun planting the first vineyards in the valley. Today it has the biggest sparkling wine cellar in Latin America, and it is still run…
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November 13, 2009 0

Vale dos Vinhedos: Valley of the Vines

Summer in Brazil is what any normal human being dreams of. Lucky for me, I can always go home in the summer and experience household names such as Carnival, Ipanema, Caipirinha, Samba, and much more. More happens to be WINE, of course. Brazil has been making wine since the 1600’s and is now a solid…
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November 11, 2009 0

Munich: Oktoberfest

As crazy as it sounds, after being to 7 wine regions, we headed straight to Munich in time to catch the Oktoberfest. The funny thing is that the Oktoberfest is actually in September. What happens is the weather is so bad in October that they started to push it back until it stayed in September,…
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November 10, 2009 0