August 25, 2009 Wine 0

After being spoiled rotten on my first trip to Europe, I told my husband we had to go back- asap. Back in NY I started to plan a trip to Germany’s wine country. The plan was to visit as many renowned estates as possible. Out of 13 regions, we covered 7: Rheingau, Rheinhessen, Mittelrhein, Mosel, Nahe, Pfalz and Baden.

We landed in Frankfurt, and to my surprise there was a wine fest just outside the hotel. I couldn’t believe it! Right away- off a truck- I had started my journey. Bubbles, Roses, Rieslings all together with sausages, cheese and cured meats. I was like a kid in a candy store, and that was only the first 15 minutes of the beginning of this trip.

Finally my husband managed to drag me out of the fest and show me around. It was mind boggling to walk along the river and see castles and roman ruins in sync with skyscrapers, hookers, beergartens, gothic churches, bicycles, boats, tourists, locals, audis, benzes, bimas, applestrudel, you name it!

My head was spinning- I needed a drink! What do I see? An amazing market with a weinstube on the rooftop. Weinstube is a pub or a wine bar traditional of Southern Germany. Local wines are preferred and served in a very informal setting. So right there, sipping the best Sekts I could possibly ask for, watching people and produce, I realized I was hooked. I had fallen in love with Germany.